About Us

Dear Friends,

Grace and peace to you from our God Father,Son Lord Jesus Christ . we life Tv greet with joyful heart. We introduce our Life Tv with honor according to God’s will that was raveled by god . We are proud to say that we have 24 hours life Tv channel that was started on 24th august 2011 . by God’s grace Life Tv is being broadcasted now through out Karnataka connected to 1 Crore houses .you can watch us online at www.watchlifetv.net and also available on mobile platforms .

                  We spread this news with edifying .educating and entertaining in various languages as kannada, tamil, Malayalam, English, Hindi, and  Hebrew  . the telecast consists of dramas, Spiritual movies, talk show, Prayer Live , inspirational music, Spiritual guidance, cooking show, Hello Doctor,  testimonies, Games show , Anathakashri Praises and Worship, and entertaining lives and spiritual programs.


This is the Sixth year for Life Tv . the biggiest strength for Life Tv is by grace of God and the Founder Rev. V.Selvaraj’s Prayer . he is a prayer warrior for the past 25 years .He prays at early morning @ 2:30 am to 6:00am and now specially for the Life Tv and Life Tv viewers till he gets the answer from God . He holds God’s feet and gets the answer and shares the love word to 1 crore of houses . Father God gives different ministries to different God’s servent .Like wise Rev.V. selvaraj saw vision of many people of Karnataka falling into burning fire in groups . So he cried for this and prayed for many days .Through his vision he started life Tv to save sinful people falling to hell by changing the part through the word of God so they can reach into eternal Life.


The word of God says I AM THE WAY ,THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE by his precious love and grace he gave a vision to Rev.V . Selvaraj on 24th August 2011 that Life Tv channel was telecasted in few places of Bangalore.

From the first day to this Life Tv is spreading the Gospel Jesus Christ is the only way the truth and the Life  to Christian and non- Chriustian people .its been blessing to each and every one . This is the passion of Rev.V.Selvaraj .

In the month of august 2011 Life Tv was started by small network called Act . In the month of September 2011 we started  enlarging through online www.watchlifetv.net and in the month of November 2011 we slowly enlarged our viewership to K.G.F, kolar and banagarpet . In the year 2012, Life Tv was connected bigger network Hathway in Bangalore and mysore.

As we find ups and down in everyone’s life it happened in Life Tv also .In one of the network we have to pay a very huge amount .As it was not able to arrange Rev.V.Selvaraj sold his scorpio car to pay to the network.

Give and it shall be given to you whatever measure you deal out to others it will be dealt to you in return ( Luke 6:38)



So God blessed us with many and many Christian and non-christian viewers. Life Tv was started in a simple way in one network of 2 Lakhs viewers and now by Grace of God . Life Tv is spread in 8 network ( Hathway, Act, EDigital , Iris, All Digital, Keizen, Myrai, Den) Now Life Tv s[preading the gospel and sharing the word of God to 1 Crore of houses all over Karnataka , AndraPradesh,  Singapore, malyasia, Austrila, Burnei, Bangaledesh, . You can also watch through mobile apps in google play.

    Through the perecious love of Jesus , many have been saved and being a testimony in their Life .

  As we request you to support us with your valuable prayer to the founder Rev.V.Selvaraj,

Co-Founder Mrs Rathna Bai, Chairman Robert Christopher, Managing Director Sheba and our staff .

    By the Love of JESUS and His garace Life Tv will spread the Gospel till HE comes .

                                                                     Thanking uou